Ready-ready, According to the European Now YouTube has Started to Lower Video quality Worldwide


EXACTLY.CO., As of today, YouTube-change the default Video quality in standard definition is Global. Confirmed to Mashable, was quoted with the words, which was on Wednesday (25/3), the decision is a response to a possible flood of Bandwidth to prevent as more and more people isolate themselves, in order that the spread of Covid-19.

Such a step of the first application, the focus was previously only on the territory of Europe. The largest Video-sharing platforms in the world, it does not prevent, in principle, to see that people to Video, but the Video-quality settings automatically.

“We continue to work with the government and network operators around the world, to do our part to minimize pressure on the system during a situation which never happened before,” said a Google spokesman.

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Even so, the user will not immediately feel the change. The reason for this is, YouTube it will implement gradually in the next few days.

YouTube is not alone, the platform Streaming others like Netflix do the same. Last week, Netflix, the quality of the Videos started to reduce, to his service in Europe in the next 30 days.

This is done to increase the pressure to reduce the demand for services, to disseminate because most of the citizens of Europe isolate themselves at home since the outbreak Covid-19.