Real Madrid recognizes the real: LeBron James and the States wink at Milan, Italy’s main brand

All lights. As Rihanna sang in Kanye West’s song:Turn on the lights here baby, very bright, I want you all to see it.“. Literal translation: Turn on the lights at full power, I want everyone to see. Milan he makes himself handsome in the scenery USA, and the States respond with exclusive representatives. IN Gazetta dello Sport he also spoke LeBron Jamesanother star from the world of sports and entertainment got married wearing a Rossoneri T-shirt.

I love European football and I think that Milan a truly special club on and off the pitch. There is a great opportunity to return Milan among the best teams and leading brands of European football in world“. Winner, one of the best athletes in history, polarizer for fans NBA… he talks aboutMilana club that is mistreated in Italy but loved all over the world.


When the American owner bought Milan officially last September, many newspapers Beautiful country (and, consequently, the fans …) began to doubt that the number 1 red bird. Doubt never started in USAHow Jerry Cardinale he has always been a top level entrepreneur with several valuable partners. Now all the nodes are sorted out and we are still at the beginning of the project, whether we are talking about marketing or purely in the field.

LeBron speaks of the new club “Rossoneri” as follows: “Milan is a world-class city at the intersection of fashion, sports, entertainment and culture. Milan he is her perfect ambassador and red bird owner’s right to return Milan to glorious days. From my experience with SpringHill, Jerry (Cardinal, approx. ed.) is an incredible partner. He says that I helped him expand his vision, but he is too humble. I think we can build a lot on this partnership: Maverick and I (Carter, ed.) are excited about the number of new possibilities we can explore with him.”

And on tour between THERE AND Vegas (For God’s sake, this has already happened in the past, but with completely different market ideas), increasingly active sponsorship and social views that have risen to the top through various events. Like what Paolo Bancaro many Italians didn’t like him much this summer, he wore a Rossoneri shirt. A lot of likes on different platforms, like it happened to another member Cardinal, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Milan is, and it will always be more. In American slang it sounds like this:Real recognition of the real“, that is, when there is respect between two parts of absolute value. LeBron crown Devilhis ideas and the possibility of opening up an ever larger market (Messi V ml document). And let’s say that the yellow-purple number 6 was often a seer. Italy, open your eyes: there are those who arrived earlier, let them talk about “football”.

LeBron James
LeBron James

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