Reappears Dr. Chunga to provide “solution” against the coronavirus


Dr. Chunga came to the rescue of the mexican people in the midst of the pandemic coronavirus COVID-19. One of the characters in star of the mexican comedian, Andrés Bustamante, reappeared to provide a solution, very your style, the evil that afflicts the whole world, and that has already infected more than 965,246 people.

This morning the monero mexicano, Triune Camacho, published on his Twitter account a funny video, whose protagonist is the Dr. Chunga, one of the characterizations star comedian Andrés Bustamante, also known as “The Güiri Güiri” and which is famous for the quality of his comedy that applies to all ages.

Dr. Chunga and a server we have a solution for these times, and remember #QuedateenCasa” he wrote the cartonista in your social networks to announce the new measure against the coronavirus.

In accordance with this fun character, the mexicans and all the world can counter the spread of the COVID-19 thank you your creation master: the coronavara.

Both mexican, worked together to transform the laboratory of Dr. Chunga in the house of the same character, thus reinforced the request of the authorities to remain in the homes and not promote infections among mexicans.

Dr. Chunga devised the coronavara with materials that you find in your home and he explained that with this you can maintain a distance between people and to greet them without running risks.

The mexican comedian asked his followers to build his “brilliant invention” with popsicle sticks, pencils or wands, as well as glue and a hand, either cardboard or foam.

“You saw how it is done. Is movable, you move well, you move well and you have the coronavara. For you to say: ‘get down, get down, don’t get too close, now, don’t get too close,’” said the comedian, inventor.

“Half-bottle of the invention, but of all ways you can have fun doing it in your home. Remember that in these moments: I Stay at home!”concluded the Dr. Chunga in his fun video that was shared a few hours ago on Twitter.

So far the video has received hundreds of comments of happiness before the return of the character of scientific comedian, has been shared more than 4.2 thousand times and received over 9.4 I like.

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