Reasons for including smokers in medical history

decision public health committee incorporate smoker as target group Fall Flu Campaign sparking a debate about how to reach this new niche group of people who do not always use primary care regularly.Scientific groups and professional organizations agree that the only way to overcome this obstacle is to implement new methods Registration of tobacco users in national health systems (SNS) Anyway interoperable relations between autonomous regions and with clinical history for each patient.

Maribel Soteras, One of the board members of the National Council for the Prevention of Smoking (CNPT) noted that this new tool will alleviate the lack of identification of smokers, which is hospital carethey usually go unnoticed. “I think it’s a little underrated.”the nurse explained Medical Writing.

Although tobacco consumption is typically documented in primary care consultations, Soteras cautions that in some cases it is included as part of the primary care consultation. Patient’s personal medical history and other parts of Toxic habits. However, according to their estimates, only 30% or 40% of smokers appear in any of these indicators, meaning that all profiles could be included in this indicator. First year of flu campaign targeting smokers.

Soteras: “Do all health care workers ask patients if they smoke?”

A CNPT spokesperson pointed out that this new record related to medical history should reflect all those patients suffering from: smoke at least one cigarette a day, has been considered a smoker.For example, this would allow sending them Send message via WhatsApp As the fall vaccination campaign begins, make sure they realize they are part of this year’s target group.Something to tie into a communication strategy Social network or media.

Regardless, nurses already anticipate that, in addition to other susceptible conditions, e.g. asthma wave heart disease. “For a 20- or 25-year-old smoker without any other risk factors, getting a flu shot is difficult because “Young people are always more reluctant to get vaccinated or take medications.”underlined.

Risk of flu among smokers

Spanish Society of Pneumology and Thoracic Surgery (separation) also positively commented on the latest decision of the National Health Commission (Solar photovoltaic power generation).That is to say, in spanish pulmonologist They consider it “good news” that experts have chosen to include smokers among those at risk for flu vaccination in the fall.To facilitate this action, Separ also believes that Document smoking habits in medical history The number of patients is “fundamental”.

from medical association Point out that smoking will increase Respiratory tract infection occurs Such as the flu or pneumonia, and their severity. “It is important that there is some type of registration where every smoker not only knows that he is a smoker but knows in some way that if he smokes, he smokes. Increased risk of getting the flu and its more severe forms“Argue Carlos RabadeTobacco Area Coordinator at Separ.

“This will be a electronic medical records The pulmonologist said he chose to develop the registry in order to present patients with possible alternatives to diseases they may suffer from in the future.In this profession they emphasize the fact of registration patient’s smoking habits Healthcare professionals will be allowed to “intervene”. “Many times, smokers do not come to the doctor because of respiratory problems, but with this record, we can solve this problem,” he pointed out.Therefore, Labade added, patients could be advised to be vaccinated “as an option to reduce mortality and severity of influenza and other infections, such as pneumococci“.

Labade: “All health workers have an obligation to inform our patients about the risks of smoking”

collective medical awareness

For this reason, doctors believe it is necessary to educate others medical profession Emphasize the importance of documenting the smoking habits of all patients. “One must Raise awareness among all health professionals so they can record whether the patient smokes. We should all have an obligation to prevent them and inform them of the risks they face if they continue to smoke,” stresses the pulmonologist.

In addition, Labad emphasized that in Medical history Records of patients’ smoking habits should be given “greater visibility”. “Many smokers try to quit smoking after they have already experienced smoking. symptom, but ideally it would be done in advance.There, health workers are very important,” the doctor stresses, because if the health worker knows this information, he will be able to prevent “the emergence of tumors of the future“.

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