Reasons for the early start of the World Championships in Colombia

you have to use tweezers to remove Anthony Zambrano and Sandra Lorena sand in World Athletics Championships in Budapest, Hungary.

Zambrano is an ace in the 400m, but that doesn’t guarantee a run to the final as there are runners faster and in better shape than him. It arrived without any markings, but with a letter of invitation.

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this exceeded expectations

The farmer competed in the fourth round of the series and finished fifth with a time of 44.92 seconds, a time that would have allowed him to advance to the second round and earn an entry. paris olympicsrecorded as 45 seconds.

During the race, however, he stepped on the rails during his second consecutive sprint and the referee disqualified him under the rules. In light of the result, Zambrano warned he has everything in place to secure his quota for a direct trip to Paris.

After this World Cup, the Tokyo Olympic silver medals will be concentrated in 2023 San Diego Pan American Games, He will not only participate in the Paris Equestrian Games, but also re-validate the gold medal he won in the equestrian competition. lime 2019. If you stay focused on your goal, you will achieve it.


The Arenas affair was divisive. The Colombian, who changed coaches against the wind, imposed her rules on others before the game. Colombian Olympic Committee (COC) and Ministry of Sports In order to rethink his career and prepare for Paris, he left a void in Budapest. He withdrew from the 20km race walk due to three fouls.

Arenas has podium fantasies, but this is his first race since surgery on his right foot for Morton’s neuroma, a painful condition that affects the metatarsals, usually between the third and third. Between the fourth toe, this is the last April submission.

OK? He has already made his mark in Paris and, like Zambrano, is his main target, but he has not entered the World Cup in top form.

Ed Arevalo, His Olympic Plaza was also ready, finishing 26th on the 20km march, away from a medal, and he also headed to Paris. 35 kilometers, another challenge

Ronald Longa, In the 100m, he was injured at the end of the series and finished last at the World Cup, while Colombia have not had encouraging results so far. Expect more than reality.

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