Reasons to Include Pumpkin in Your Diet

Pumpkin allows you to create different types of recipes, from savory to sweet dishes, and has important nutritional value and properties for the body, such as antioxidant, satiating, blood pressure lowering, digestive, cleansing, diuretic, laxative and anti-inflammatory.

Reasons to Include Pumpkin in Your Diet

Here are its most important benefits:

help with weight loss

It’s versatile, filling and extremely low in calories, so it can be incorporated into a weight loss diet.

Effective against high blood pressure

It is very low in sodium. It’s a good resource for treating high blood pressure and helps prevent it with intake of potassium, a mineral that helps regulate blood pressure.

for the stomach

It is good for ailments like gastritis, heartburn, ulcers or slow and heavy digestion. It contains mucus, which is responsible for increasing the production of gastric mucosa, which helps protect the stomach.

prevent fluid retention

The potassium it contains aids in the production and excretion of urine, which helps the body get rid of many toxins stored in the body.

Skin and Eye Protection

Contains vitamin A, which benefits eyesight and protects the dermis.

diabetes prevention

Diabetics need to follow a strict diet and not eat too many carbohydrates because they cannot convert carbohydrates into glucose well. In that sense, squash contains almost no carbohydrates and is rich in fiber.


The antioxidants it contains can delay cell aging in the body and improve the immune system.

Eliminate intestinal parasites

Eating pumpkin and its tubes or seeds has been used since ancient times to eliminate intestinal parasites such as worms and parasites.

Kidneys are at their best

By preventing fluid retention, it helps keep the kidneys in perfect condition, thanks to the diuretic and cleansing properties of its high fiber content.

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