Reboot “Spawn”: the authors promise to give a story no worse than “Joker”

In 1992, a comic strip appeared on store shelves about Spawn, a HellRaiser vigilante. The character fell in love with the public, and in 1997 a comic strip studio Image Comics (“The Walking Dead”, “Kick-Ass”) was filmed. The audience liked the tape, but because of the age ratings, it did not pay off at the box office – no one wanted to show the children the bloody superhero-punisher.

However, today with the debut of “Joker”, which also has an R rating, the character creator decided to try again. Restarting “Spawn” is going to be very dark and grown-up. Jason Bloom, the producer of the upcoming film, shared some details.

We were very inspired by the Joker. R-rated superhero films began to find their audience, the kids of the 90s grew up.

Restarting Spawn will also be dark and depressing. Todd McFarlane [comic author – Approx. Ed.] is ready to rethink Spawn without losing his essence.

Yes, we are ready. We will do it – Bloom is sure.


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