“Received a verdict.” Masha Efrosinina admitted that once the doctors diagnosed her with infertility

Masha Efrosinina (Photo: instagram.com/mashaefrosinina)

TV presenter and blogger Masha Efrosinina spoke about a difficult period in her life.

41-year-old Efrosinina on Instagram Stories answered questions from subscribers. The celebrity admitted that once doctors diagnosed her with infertility.

Then the presenter was 22 years old. Due to the busy schedule of work, Maria seriously undermined her health.

“By then I had been hosting the morning show for three years. For three years, I got up at 4:30 in the morning, graduated from university, and slept ¾ hours a day. My cycle completely disappeared for a year and a half from such a rhythm of life. I gained my first 10 kg. And I received a verdict that I’ll hardly ever get pregnant, ”wrote the star.

Now Efrosinina, together with her husband Timur Khromaev, is raising two children – daughter Nana and son Alexander.


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We will remind you, Masha Efrosinina said that her eldest daughter Nana went to study in Canada