Recognize shortages of health care workers in Mexico; van 50 dead


The deaths in the country by covid-19 went from 37 to 50 this Wednesday, April 2, reported José Luis Alomía Zegarra, director general of Epidemiology. of the Secretariat of Health

As well, the court this Thursday represents the largest number of deaths, with 13.

The Secretariat of Health reports on the progress of the pandemic coronavirus covid-19 in Mexico. The court’s April 1, are 37 dead in the country.

In addition, he stressed that there has been 4,653 suspected cases, 7,822 negative cases and a total of 13,985 people studied.

Alejandro Svarch Pérez, in charge of National Coordination of Medical, reiterated the call for special Insabi to medical, medical, nurses, nurses and specialists to the attention of the covid-19.

He acknowledged that there is a shortage of medical staff throughout the country; needless to 2,000 specialists across the sector.

“What we have in the call are 6 thousand 249 general practitioners, 438 medical specialists, 8 thousand 925 with a bachelor’s degree, 6 thousand nurses technical and 84 nurses,” said Svarch Perez.

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