Record in the U.S. with 30,000 cases of covid-19 in a day, China sends respirators to NY and cruise with several dead comes to Miami | Univision network News Health


▶️ More 1,00,000 confirmed cases around the world and over 59,000 deaths.

▶️In the US amounts to more than 7,100 deaths and more than 278,000 cases.

▶️On Friday, the US recorded its day with most infections so far, with more than 30,000, according to reported the Johns Hopkins University.

▶️Docks in Miami on the cruise ship ‘Coral Princess’, which takes several infected of covid-19 and two dead.

▶️ In New York will receive at least 1,000 respirators from China, and the governor Cuomo will sign a decree for medical students about to be received to begin their practices.

▶️ The president, Trump announced Friday that the Centers for Control and Disease Prevention recommend using a mask of simple fabric in public places. But he said he choose not to use it.

▶️ Americans who do not have health insurance will have coverage if they get sick with coronavirus, announced on Friday the Health secretary, Alex Azar. “Health care providers will be prohibited from billing the uninsured the cost of their care,” he said.

▶️ Unemployment rises to 4.4 % in the US. Breaks a streak of 10 consecutive years of job generation which began at the beginning of the Obama era.

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