Red Alert broke two Netflix records and would have sequels – Come on and See

The action and adventure film “Red Alert” was the most expensive in Netflix history, something that apparently left a good harvest, since it does not stop breaking records on the platform and sequels are in sight to continue the story.

It is a chase film that takes a leading trio of luxury, consisting of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot on an adventure across the planet, from a dance floor or an isolated prison, to the heart from the Argentine jungle.

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The story begins when Interpol issues a “red alert” – the highest order to find and capture the world’s most wanted – John Hartley (Dwayne Johnson), the FBI’s top profiler, goes into action. This global manhunt brings him right to the center of a daring heist in which he is forced to team up with Nolan Booth (Ryan Reynolds), the world’s greatest art thief, to catch the world’s most wanted art thief: “The Bishop ”(Gal Gadot).

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“Red Alert” is the original movie most expensive so far on the platform. As it turned out, the investment was $ 200 million, which is largely explained by its protagonists.

But the response was as expected: became the most watched movie on its first day of release, according to Netflix. “We already have the official numbers in 190 countries. ‘Red Alert’ has become the best premiere of a movie in the history of Netflix. 92% of audience”, celebrated “The Rock” Johnson.

But that was not all: just 10 days after its premiere, the film is about to go to the most watched in the history of the platform, which is “Bird Box: blindly”, starring Sandra Bullock.

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The feature film reached a total of 277.90 million hours reproduced in just ten days. Bird Box has had the brand for three years with 282.02 million hours, so it is clear that it will exceed it when it reaches that many days.

In its first three days, ‘Red Alert’ had already reached the 148.72 million hours reproduced in the 190 countries where the platform is located.

The open end of production It clearly lays the groundwork for it to proceed with a sequel and possibly a movie franchise.

And its director, Rawson Marshall Thurbe, already spoke about it: “If we had to make a sequel, the only thing responsible would be do two and three in a row (…) It’s a very big production, and if you can put it together once, it will be better for everyone. Even for my sanity. “

At the same time, he highlighted the familiar tone of the film: “I wanted it to entertain the world. Netflix has the largest audience in the world and wanted each of the 209 million subscribers to be able to watch Red Alert and enjoy it (…) So there is no sex or drugs or real violence. There are not many rude words, but it is still fun. It’s big, it has great action pieces, great stars, and great laughs. It is for everyone from 8 to 80, men and women, conservatives and liberals. Never mind”.

The list of the most watched movies on Netflix (more hours played in 28 days)

‘Bird Box: Blind’ with 282.02 million hours played

‘Red alert’ with 277.90 (in 10 days)

‘Rescue mission’ with 231.34 million

‘The Irishman’ with 214.57 million

‘My first kiss 2’ with 209.25 million

‘Squad 6’ with 205.47 million

‘Spenser: Confidential’ with 197.32 million

‘Enola Holmes’ with 189.9 million

‘The Army of the Dead’ with 186.54 million

‘The old guard’ with 185.71 million

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