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If the hamburger goes well with French fries, the pizza is made of mozzarella, the chorizo-blood sausage marriage is inseparable and the Coca Cola formula has worked well for more than a century, why reach out? The same goes for a soccer team: Sebastián Battaglia made seven changes, whatever he wanted to achieve did not work and Boca ended up losing 1-0 to Independiente, with which the game reopened in the fight to qualify for the Copa Libertadores.

It was a step back for Mouth and for Battaglia, after two good victories against Aldosivi and Sarmiento in which he seemed to have found the team. The memory equipment that had the possibility to test in a classic. However, he opted for rotation. Some because they came from injury like Rojo, Ramírez and Cardona; others by tactical decision, Fabra, Campuzano, Villa and Vázquez case.

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In the first few minutes, the test worked from the connection between MMA and Salvio, elusive behind the backs of Benavídez and Blanco, but Pavón could not with Sosa and the moment passed. Because Independent did not take long to adjust, control those initial problems, grow from the solidity of its well-grouped lines and prosper on the right with Bustos and Velasco. And in the midst of a time of superiority, Benavídez slept everyone in the area and scored a header for 1-0, and immediately Rossi took the second from Insaurralde.

It was the moment when Boca seemed to miss Cardona’s driving and punching, Villa’s imbalance and also the area reference that is usually Vázquez. But also the family structure that gives the 4-3-1-2 that predominates in the cycle, either with the Colombian as a hitch or on other occasions with Aaron Molinas.

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Barely on the end of the first half Boca could prevail, when the trio of kids the midfield xeneize began to move the ball, He was cornering Red and brought danger to Sosa. It was a few minutes, between 34 and 40, in which Sandez, Briasco, Salvio and Pavón missed it.

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In the second half, in the clean and jerk of Boca it happened and the Independiente de Falcioni lowered the blind, put the padlock and also the closing strip. Because Red knew how to lock the party, play with the advantage and keep your opponent away from your goal. Even when Cardona, Vázquez, Fabra, Villa and Ramírez were entering. The return of the starting team. It was late. Too late.

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