Red nose promotes appeal for protection of medical personnel before COVID-19


The AsociaciĆ³n Civil Red Nose and started a collection to raise cash and material protection against the COVID-19. The collection finds that laboratory techniciansdoctors , nurses, hospital staff and children with cancer have access to protective material such as gel antibacterial, face cloths, boots, surgical caps, surgical, eye protection, gowns, disposable latex gloves non-sterile.

Alejandro Barbosa, director of Red Nose explained that the initiative comes after complaints from medical staff about the lack security protections. “If our doctors do not have the necessary material can get sick and How we are going to meet?” he added.

In the case of children with cancer said they must continue to attend to the hospitals so it is necessary that they have hand sanitizers and face cloths, as the WHO found that people with immunosuppressed using face cloths. He emphasized that “they have to attend the hospital to continue with treatment, but her economic situation of many not given for the purchase of inputs, so we are looking for a reservation for these children and families so they are not exposed”.

Red nose receives material in kind Tuesday and Thursday from 9 to 1 at the address Emerald 687, colonia El Retiro. The director clarified that the material must be closed for health and reiterated that the more effective aid is the donation of cash, for “when getting supplies and people to move out of home we we risk all, the best thing is that if people want to help support us with a donation through our various options. We already have a supplier, then in how much we raised, we request the material.”

The collection will be available indefinitely while not cease the contingency by COVID-19. People can donate through the fondeadora fondify in the Nose section Red COVID-19 or in the account of BBVA 0110098078 to name Champions of the Life NR, BC

The material that manage to buy and collect will be delivered to the hospitals that need it. “When we have material we will ask the Secretariat of Health Jalisco, which hospital we can take the inputs, because we know that each hospital will have different needs”.

For the moment, the College of Jalisco Public Health has been dedicated to sharing the initiative for the search of funds, the company INTEL made a collection among workers of the same company to support the initiative and a particular gave a water treatment plant that has a Red Nose will be raffling for more resources.



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