‘Red’ to premiere directly on Disney + and skip its planned theatrical release

Disney just made it official that ‘Red’, the new original pixar movie, the planned theatrical release for premiere directly in Disney +. In this way, ‘Red’ becomes the third consecutive film of the studio that ends up reaching us in this way, since both ‘Soul’ and ‘Luca’ came to us from the hand of said streaming platform.

Disney’s decision comes with the pandemic of coronavirus marking record numbers of infections in several countries, something that surely had already partly motivated other postponements such as ‘Morbius’. And everything suggests that more will arrive in the coming days.

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What ‘Red’ does keep is its scheduled release date for the March 11th, with the incentive that it will come to Disney + for free for all subscribers, as already happened in the cases of ‘Soul’ and ‘Luca’. It is surprising that with other titles an extra is loaded and that the same has not happened with any of the Pixar titles …

In countries where Disney + is not available, it will hit theaters, with the exact launch date to be decided in those cases. As they take a long time, it is possible that it will end up coinciding with ‘Lightyear’, the other Pixar film for this 2022 with which I suspect that the streak of direct streaming premieres will be broken, or at least of free releases on Disney + …

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