“Red, white and blue blood”: a modern fairy tale

Who would have thought that a cake couldn’t be the pretext to start what can be called one of the most beautiful stories of all time? Alex and Henry, the two undisputed protagonists of “Red, White and Blue Blood,” the live action adaptation released on Prime Video on August 11, know a thing or two about this.

We are spending a hot and stuffy month this summer. If you add an unexpected love story, lived between Great Britain They United Statesflavored international scandals AND fleeting meetings, the entertainment has just been served. The pages of what has become one of the most famous novels of all time have always been the subject of countless positive reviews. The fascination with history from the past has led readers to insistently request that the deep history of the two main characters become a reality on the small screen.


Director and co-writer of the film, Matthew Lopez fans admitted best-seller original, author Casey McQuiston in 2019 that you have something to be surprised, there is something to talk about even more. Taylor Zahar Perezidol of the second film of the trilogy “Kissing booth” AND Nikolai Golitsynfilmed together Camila Cabello V “Cinderella“, were chosen as two representatives of this new history.

Cover of Casey McQuiston’s book Red, White and Royal Blue.
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Scandal is on!

Alex Claremont-Diaz (Perez) – son President of the United States of America (in the film plays the incomparable Uma Thurman). Alex is of Mexican descent, a boy. fun, extensive, Beautiful, charismatic and always ready to joke, constantly in the spotlight, but characterized by strong sense of justice and loyalty. He is sent to England to represent the United States at the wedding of Philip, Crown Prince of England. Here he faces his sworn enemy, prince henry (Golitsyn), Philip’s brother.

Constantly competing, after their first meeting as young people at a climate conference in Melbourne, the situation between them becomes tense until they capitulate to what will become the ultimate truth. diplomatic incident. When the wedding cake collapses on them in front of everyone present, the event is on everyone’s lips.

To soften the flow of news about them and the story in which they are the main characters, the US and UK are proposing to organize facade truceconsisting of photographs and continuous interviews in which the two young men would have to promise themselves to put their hatred aside and look smiling and friendly in a perfectly effective relationship.

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Gear shift

What they didn’t expect, however, was that the two factions’ constant pretexts to keep them together would lead to a sudden and sudden strengthening of their relationship. Exchanging messages in which they make fun of each other or tell each other about their daily duties will allow them to get to know each other better. Day after day, they will begin to change their minds about the account that one had for another. Both yes they know again even through becoming a new friend, until one gesture ruins their lives forever. On the occasion of the New Year’s Eve party hosted by Alex, at exactly midnight they meet under December skies and Henry kisses Alex.

Henry didn’t expect his nemesis to return the kiss. Meeting in a few days, they will come to terms with what happened. This time, Alex will take the lead, who is curious to enjoy the kiss and perhaps make sense of it. Soon the meetings between them become more and more frequent, wants And wish being with another increases dramatically, forcing the two to meet in secret whenever they can, absorbing them ardor away from prying eyes. After all, it’s just sex, right?

Duty or love?

When they break through, I feelingsHowever, nothing will be the same. Henry, always in secret gayHe was never allowed to truly live. There fear of judgment his family and thus be shame England is hidden by its incredible restrained. Alex, on the other hand, is aware that what she feels for Henry noveltyhe will be recognized bisexualconfessing to her mom, she is determined to do whatever it takes to have Henry in her life.

There sweetness And sensitivity Henry made him ask Alex to doLove with him in a hotel room in Paris. Scene intimate which captures a precious act of love, similar to what happens between two people who love each other. A madness cannot live outside of their own little universe due to the roles they play and public opinion.

Henry feels filled with love for Alex every day, but cannot feel completely free to show his feelings in public. There crown grip it’s too tight, it crushes him into a spasm, and the only thing he can do is move away from his love.

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Two signs of love ring This key, will be an excuse to continue the fight. A reminder no matter what happens both will always be next to each other. A a leak which reveals the stinging emails the two were sending to each other, which didn’t take long.

While Alex worries about jeopardizing his mother’s re-election to the presidency, Henry suffers a fatal blow. Supported only by his sister Beatrice, Henry is unable to cope with such a burden alone, and his Alex will run to his aid. These two are called King James IIIHenry’s grandfather, who hints to his nephew that news about him will soon have to be hushed up only if he says it is unfounded.

No secrets, no shame

By holding Alex’s hand tightly, Henry will be able to stand up to his grandfather, confirming how deeply he loves Alex. Now he is finally ready to reveal his story to everyone, he will no longer let others define him. So the two decide to go out, supported and welcomed by the LGBTQ+ community that surrounds the Kensington Palace enclosures.

Alex’s mother is officially re-elected for a second term, and Henry will stay by his Alex’s side, making his first public appearance with him. Eventually, they make it to Alex’s childhood home in Austin to begin their love once and for all.

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The film was originally supposed to be around 3 hours long, but post-production editing meant that the plot was focused on deeper scenes to give viewers the necessary time to get to know the two main characters. Despite some changes made from the original novel, it is clear howself acceptance become one of the main themes.

Henry cannot step out of the shadows because the English tradition to which he belongs prevents him from doing so. As he himself says, most of all he needs a family, supports and not be protected. Years of tradition and labels, they can never get the better ofLove. That is why Alex presents Force And hope for Henry. He is no longer alone.

Now he has someone really worth fighting for. Someone ready to join him in the middle of the night, in the storm, to assure him that stay by his side even at the cost of his political image. Someone who wants to feel comfortable in their arms while they dance to the tune I can’t help falling in love at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Proximity is not synonymous with vulgarity

A romantic comedy, light and not dated at all, it received an R rating for a scene in which two boys make love. A free action presented without any vulgarity, prompted director Matthew Lopez to state that between two lovers, even intimate complicity would prove to be a fundamental part of the story.

For both it will be like first in real time. Alex never tried it with a man, and Henry never did it with someone he thought was really important. One offers himself to anotherYes they trust each other and they know that the rope that holds them together has risked breaking several times, but their passion has always held it together. tense.

This film is the latest major milestone in raising awareness of gay comedies. Story True AND authenticone modern fairy tale in which Prince Charming loves another prince, demonstrating that even those who are public figures have the right to love like others. Alex and Henry are witnesses to this. everything can be possibleif only we can believe in ourselves first. We don’t have to love someone. It may seem complicated at first, but nothing beats the sound of two hearts vibrating over the rest of the world. By small steps, in the end, each of us will be able to experiencethe most exciting adventure of his life and rewrite it Story.

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