Red, White and Blue Blood is a 2023 summer romantic comedy

Look Red, white and blue blood, Matthew Lopez’s new comedy on Prime Video confirms what we’ve always suspected: activism and so-called normalization – one of the most annoying nouns of this century – of homosexuality never goes only through militant activism and tearful films, but through films that are light and without obligations. We grew up admiring heterosexual love in its many forms: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, light one of pretty Woman and crazy one of American Pie. Why should homosexual love be different? Red, white and blue bloodtaken from Casey McQuiston’s bestseller, is not a masterpiece we’ll be looking back on a year from now, but neither is it the product of a push, given that it captivates viewers with a fast-paced story that, however far-fetched, confronts us with many of the anguish that boys endure intimately- homosexuals, from acceptance to coming out.

At the heart of the story are two very special heirs: the son of the first female president of the United States and a prince of England who will not become king, but who is called “the prince of human hearts.” The first is named Alex Claremont-Diaz, and the second is Henry. Will the real Harry have ringing in his ears? -. They are beautiful, charismatic, athletic and spoiled, they hate each other. They first met a few years earlier and didn’t get along because Henry showed disdain for the American, at least until, on the occasion of a royal wedding much like William and Kate Middleton, two boys approaching a diplomatic incidentor for the fall of a ten-foot wedding cake commissioned by the Crown – if that were enough to spark a political case, we’d risk World War III for at least Angela Merkel’s three cuckoos, but let’s not digress. As you might guess, the two boys were ordered to pretend to be very close friends in order to bridge the rift between the two countries by discovering that they were incredibly similar, and, dulcis in fundo, sexual attraction to each other.

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We’ve seen enough romantic comedies to know how Red, white and blue blood will continue: the two will find that they are united not only by sex, but also by the desire to free themselves from their institutional role only to face the opening before the world and understand what really matters, whether it’s love for your man or respect for your status. Despite the apparent plot twist and somewhat improbable gimmicks, is it possible that the Prince of England leaves and arrives in America incognito without anyone in the press knowing about it? -, nice movie and the dignity lies both in the playful tone, which is sometimes revealed by the pain and personal indecision of Alex and Henry, and in the good synergy between the two main characters: Taylor Zahar Perez already seen in kissing boothsAND Nikolay Golitsyn, best known for playing the prince Cinderella with Camila Cabello and a handsome Marine on a mission purple hearts.

Exception an all-American obsession to find out if two actors are gay in real life – shouldn’t it be the job of an actor to immerse himself in roles that are different from the ones he plays in real life? – we appreciate it Red, white and blue blood succeeded in making us come to terms with the theory that comedies cannot leave the viewer with any lessons. With simplicity and without superfluous pretension, Alex and Henry tell us that it’s good to follow our heart when there are obstacles in the way, which we tend to increase until we crush ourselves, and it can never be called bad. Even when the President of the United States played Uma Thurman asks his son to get an HPV shot in case he turns out to be passive under the covers.

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