Redbird, after Milan, takes over Alpine

red Birdamerican fund owner MilanAlso enters Formula 1 by buying, together with other investors, 24% stake in Alpine. After baseball, ice hockey, American football and soccer, it’s just another part of the game for the Rossoneri’s new owner Gerry Cardinale.


red Bird and actors Ryan Reynolds I’m a betting investor 200 million dollars, representing a 24% stake, to support Alpine’s growth and development. Besides them, other companies that are part of the ambitious investment other capital and maximum effort and they have a common goal of making their place among the great Formula 1.
the goal is to be able to fight World over the course of 100 races. Alec Shiner, Co-Founder and Partner other capital, Will join Alpine’s board of directors. Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds is in charge maximum effort Investing together with Rob McElhenney, actor of the American comedy series It It’s always sunny in Philadelphia. their allies Michael B. Jordan He is a co-investor in the company.

Importance of Alpine in Groupe Renault

as mentioned luca de meoCEO of Groupe Renault, a strategic asset to the Alpine Group Renault, This partnership will work to accelerate the development Alpine F1 Diversifying revenue streams and increasing brand equity. Renault stresses that the investment only takes into account sustainability Formula 1 based in EnstoneWhich makes its total cost around 900 million. However, the headquarters of Viry-Chatillon Where engines intended for top motoring competition are developed.

An investment to get to the top of F1

Even then Alpine CEO, Laurent Rossi, highlighted how this association is an important step in improving performance at all levels. First, Otro Capital, Redbird Capital Partners and Maximum Effort InvestmentInternational players with solid experience in the sports sector, bring their experience to enhance the marketing and media strategy needed to support long-term sports performance. Secondly, to further accelerate the plan, the incremental revenue generated will be reinvested in the team. Mountain climbers, which aims to reach out to the best teams in terms of state-of-the-art facilities and equipment.

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