Redmi K30 Per-Equipped with Super-Bluetooth, range up to 400 meters!


One of the features of the Redmi K30 Per. (Weibo) – Redmi K30 Pro, it is expected that the Jackpot soon. Prior to the Start of various teasers will be shown on the leaked features are already available to the public.

From the previous leaks, the Redmi K30 Per some of the features include video recording 8K, 4-rear camera, and has refresh rate 120 Hz.

On Saturday (21/03/2020), the official account of Xiaomi in the Weibo of some of the teaser offer to confirm that the Redmi K30 Per connectivity features impressive.

One of the teaser-its mentioned that the Redmi K30 Pro comes with a feature called ” Super Bluetooth.

Such a function is present, the optimization of the Bluetooth connections 5.1.

Official Teaser Of The Redmi K30 Per. (Weibo)
Official Teaser Of The Redmi K30 Per. (Weibo)

At the time of booking the official Redmi, they claim that the number of connectivity-Super-Bluetooth up to 400 meters.

As a reference, the range of Bluetooth connectivity, 5.1, approximately 243 meters, which means Redmi K30 Pro has almost twice the range.

There is still no explanation about what’s developed technology, which he doubled on the Redmi K30 Per, so that a range connectivity Super Bluetooth to almost.

However, we can expect that Redmi could explain it, when its release later.

Quoted from In addition, microsoft has announced, Redmi K30 Pro is claimed to be, Bluetooth connectivity 5.1, the low latency when connecting to a Bluetooth audio device.

Redmi K30 Pro appears in Geekbench. (Geekbench)
Redmi K30 Pro appears in Geekbench. (Geekbench)

It allows the audio device from games or movies which can be synchronized better.

Redmi revealed that the new smartphone can be connected to three networks simultaneously with the functions of the 5G MultiLink him.

With these functions, the user can connect to a Wi-Fi connection, 2.4 GHz, wifi 5 GHz, and cellular networks 4G or 5G, to have a stable internet connection.

The above-mentioned functions are very useful in maintaining a stable internet connection while playing online.

The new Smartphone Redmi K30 Per announced, on 24. March 2020 in China.

Predictable, Redmi K30 Per your Premiere global as a POCO-F2 to get to a couple of weeks later.