Redmi K30 Pro-Support-on-screen Notchless 60Hz


BEIJING, Redmi K30 Pro will be present, at 24. March 2020. Prior to the Start date, company electronic from China, provide detailed specifications of the Redmi K30 Per.

As far as is known, Redmi K30 Pro is powered by Snapdragon 865 SoC supports 5G network, and with the help of four cameras 64MP. Now, Xiaomi has released a new image of the flagship phone, the confirmed that the device has a screen notcless.

Different with the Redmi K30, model Pro does not offer a refresh rate of 120Hz or even 90Hz. Because the Chinese company decided to use the control panel to 60Hz, quoted Gizmo China, Friday (20/3/2020).

The panels used Redmi K30 Per comes from Samsung. Redmi promising values of quality of the screen Redmi K30 Per. The AMOLED Display also means the phone has a fingerprint scanner in the screen, instead of the reader are mounted on the sides.

Not only the refresh rate is decreased, the number of selfie camera is also reduced from two to one. The camera is mounted on the mechanism of the pop-up that will re-enter automatically upon detection of a fall.

At the time of booking, a separate Weibo, Redmi is a purple color variant of the K30 Pro, it also boasts an the power button is red-colored. Smartphone Snapdragon 865 comes in a green color. There is also a limited edition called Fantasy Westward Journey 3D Edition.

Redmi has shown that the complete data sheet of the K30 Pro. But the smartphone-maker from China, has the the phone comes with a RAM-LPDDR5, storage, UFS 3.1, the vibration of the engine can be improved, and the game Turbo 3.0.

Editor : Early Angela