Redmi K30 Pro with Bluetooth Super


BEIJING, Redmi K30 Per immediately introduced. Prior to the Start of the Redmi is has revealed key features of Redmi K30 Pro and the latest company explained some more details about the phone.

According to one of the posters, Redmi K30 Pro you Super Bluetooth 5.1. The image Super Bluetooth, outreach, says, connection, advanced, up to 400 metres, quoted from Gizmo China, Monday (22/3/2020).

While Bluetooth 5.1 is able to achieve, 243 meters. This is the Redmi K30 Pro has almost twice the range. There is no explanation of how the mobile phone expand the reach of Bluetooth.

But, you can expect more details about the Redmi K30 Per be disclosed at the time of market introduction. This mobile phone also via Bluetooth, and 5.1, that gives low latency when connecting to Bluetooth audio, so that you can the device participate in the game and the Film to be properly synchronized.

On the other hand, the Redmi also Redmi K30 Pro shows will be able to connect to three networks at the same time with the functions of the 5G MultiLink him. With this, you can connect to one Internet connection Wireless 2.4 GHz, the Wifi connection is 5 GHz and the mobile networks, 4G or 5G, to have a stable internet connection.

Redmi K30 Per announced, on 24. March 2020 in China. The device is expected to debut globally, but with the name of another, namely, POCO F2.

Editor : Early Angela