Redmi show the fingerprint Sensor into the display function in LCD-screen


BEIJING, The fingerprint Sensor in the screen, commonly used in mobile phones flagship devices and some of the middle class. In General, fingerprint sensors in the screen, you need to work on the OLED screen.

Lucky that the company for biometric authentication, such as Goodix has previously confirmed plans to bring the technology of the fingerprint on the screen, the LCD screen in the year 2020. Now, the General Manager of the Redmi Lu Weibing, the smartphone-LCD-screen was demonstrated with a fingerprint on the screen.

Boss Redmi download a Demo-video on Weibo. Not only show the fingerprint sensor in the screen in the LCD panel, which he also explains how these technologies can work.

The fingerprint Sensor on the screen on the OLED panel can ‘peek’ pixels for reading a fingerprint of the user. In addition, the Pixel may also use the finger lights. But the presence of components of the backlight on the LCD screen, complicate the problem.

Lucky, you said you had a fix, a solution to the problem. You said switch to Redmi decided to infrared light, to the solution of the existing problems.

“Innovative use of the material, infrared film, high-permeability, improve the transmission of infrared light does not pass, that tells you through the screen”, the chief of Xiaomi and Redmi quotes Android Authority Tuesday (10/3/2020).

According to Lu, the infrared transmitter at the bottom of the screen, infra-emits red light. After the finger is reflected imprint, she penetrated the screen and illuminate the fingerprint sensor at the conclusion of the review.

The solutions is expected due to the Redmi, corresponds to the fingerprint sensor in the screen-OLED, both in terms of speed and accuracy. In addition to the finger pint sensor in the screen on the OLED panel, the do not give any information, especially dates ketersediaa devices that use this technology.

Editor : Early Angela