Redmi Successfully Insert the Sensor “In the Display fingerprint” on the LCD screen

130 – Redmi is a sub-brand of mobile phone of Xiaomi, claimed the successful embedding of sensor-fingerprint Display on the LCD screen of mobile phone-home-made.

Please note that the can be integrated In-Display Fingerprint or fingerprint scanner in the screen for the new integrated on the mobile phone display made of OLED.

But recently, Vice President and General Manager of the Redmi China, Lu Weibing confirm that the technology-In-Display Fingerprint works on phones with LCD screen.

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Through short videos of duration 15 seconds are shared that show how to use the fingerprint scanner on the screen, it works normal on the LCD screen prototype Redmi Note 8 Pro, as compiled KompasTekno from Android AuthorityOn Tuesday (10/3/2020).

In the video they also explained that there is a infrared (IR) blaster on the back of the screen, which emits infra-red light. A layer of film with high light transmittance Redmi is used in the lining of the screen, so infrared light through the screen.

The infrared light from reaching the fingerprint, and reflects it to a fingerprint sensor behind the screen.

The Video also shows the performance of the fingerprint-scanner-based infrared on the LCD screen just as quickly with an OLED display, starting from the registration of the fingerprints to the process of opening the lock screen also looks fast.

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The presence of technology-fingerprint Display on the LCD screen is a new breakthrough for the Redmi, to bring the expected, the technology in its line of mobile-class entry-level.

Even so, not yet known in detail Redmi phone, what is the adoption of the technology-Display fingerprint is. However, do not exclude the possibility of having a phone with these features will be present this year.