Register second death by Covid-19 in Hidalgo



In Hidalgo, the Institute of Diagnostics and Reference Epidemiology confirmed the second death of a patient carrier of coronavirus Covid-19, a native of this entity.

According to the last report epidemiologic, in addition to this death, we have 17 confirmed cases of patients carriers of this pathogen.

A day before, there were 12 patients confirmed to Covid-19. Among the five new confirmed cases is the governor Omar Fayad Meneses, who a day before was confirmed to have acquired the viral infection, which was determined to isolate themselves to prevent further infections.

The Friday of the last week was recorded the first death of a hidalguense languages infected by the pathogen.

The first two cases of Covid-19 detected in the state of Hidalgo confirmed the 19th of march, in patients of Pachuca and Mineral de la Reforma.

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