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Reflections on the quarantine | Lucas Gatica

A few years ago, many psychologists, the asian and have been troubleshooting a strange disturbance in the temporary, the present, in the tourist centre of Paris. This is a disorder that is the result of the clash between the conception of the French capital, with its discovery, and what it really is if you are out in the streets of the “City of Light”. It is characterised by a number of symptoms, such as a ” strong delusion, hallucination, desrealización, clinical, anxiety, feelings of persecution and the manifestations of body such as dizziness, tachycardia, and increased perspiration, among the other sintomatologías.

This amazing phenomenon is also known as the “Shokogun,” occurs primarily in the chinese, the koreans and the japanese, who have been visiting the city for the first time. Arriving in Paris is conditioned by the movies and the literature surrounding it (“An american in Paris”, or “Amelie”, for example), and you expect to see in a city, colorful, glamorous, and very friendly. In exchange, what we find is the darker side of the city, underground, rolled to the people, the waiters and the staff in the stores, nothing, friendly pickpockets, who specialize in robbing tourists absent-minded. All this combo, it causes a shock to the psychological depth.

The parisians can be rude, a part of the urban myth, and to it is added, that the dreamed-of city it does not meet the expectations of the tourists, and some can be lost, and suffer in your long awaited vacation. In short, the romantic view of the city, is confronted with the daily reality they face, pulling it down to the edge of your fantasies come true, and the associations with Paris, france.

The syndrome first appeared in the japanese-who arrived in the city in an effort to explore the rocks, and see the jewels of the Louvre museum, a visit to the library, where Ernest Hemingway and James Joyce used to read, to see, up close, the appeal of the French woman and their fashion, but, in contrast to this, if you saw him face-to-face with the darkest parts of the city.

A psychiatrist and a professor Hiroaki Ota, a japanese working in France, he was the first to identify this rare syndrome and has been there for three decades. Over-the-air found that the experience of a taxi driver, or rude, or girls who shout at their customers, they do not support French, and you can take it with grace and humor on the part of people with a western culture, but to the east, and in particular to the japanese culture, have become accustomed to a society that is more educated and is kind, which the tone of his voice rarely rises, in the experience of watching your city, the dream becomes a nightmare, it can be difficult to understand.

From the outbreak of this syndrome in the japanese embassy in France has a 24-hour helpline to cater to its citizens who may be suffering from the culture shock is severe, and help you with leads and a treatment for those who need it. What’s more, the embassy of the rising sun ” in Paris, repatriaba (rather than the covid-19 paralizase of tourism and international) and about a dozen of their citizens, year by year, because of the syndrome, in order to recover from the shock of it all.

Why is mostly in japanese? Maybe you can look at what the japanese company is known for its discipline, and its citizens are people of the kind who are used to living in a community that is hierarchical, but that the values of the group above the individual, which results in an environment with little conflict, and a harmonious relationship.


At the beginning of the NINETEENTH century, Stendhal, French writer named Henri Beyle, he devoted himself to travel around Italy looking for inspiration for his next book. When you arrive in Florence, the city that was the birthplace of the Renaissance, and is one of the most beautiful in europe, is given the task of visiting all the museums, the churches, and admire its sculptures, frescoes, and architecture. Delighted and very impressed with what I saw and what Florence had to offer, and her heart sped up, was the sweat that made their way through her body and a sudden feeling of anxiety, accompanied by vertigo. These events forced him to sit down and calm down, not really understanding what was going on.

He was looking up at the basilica of Santa Croce, in Florence, when he, for the first time in this strange, evil being. I had just a taste of what later would be termed the Syndrome of Traveler’s Syndrome, Stendhal Syndrome or Florence. That was the seed of this Syndrome, of Paris, who today is concerned, well, the politicians and the authorities of the nation, the Stendhal was born in Grenoble and died in Paris, france.

In the uk, france and holidays

In the country of france was, at this enough, a world leader in the tourism industry. This represents in France more than 7% of the country’s GDP, and nearly two million jobs, directly and indirectly, depend on it. The country occupies the fifth position in relation to the revenue from tourism, with more than 38,000 million euros per year, and its capital city, is one of the most visited places every year-in the past year, he has received over 19 million tourists. In this context, the japanese, representing 6 of these, around 19 million.

For this reason, in France, to continue coming to asian tourists is the key to power the economy after a coronavirus. This is in addition to that, for the past few years, the increase in chinese tourists is beginning to plague the French authorities are concerned. According to Jean-Francois Zhou, president of the chinese association of travel agencies of France, this is the brake on the arrival of chinese tourists is due, on the one hand, and the rejection of the to spend large sums of money in the midst of a campaign by president Xi Jinping against corruption and, on the other hand, the need to welcome you, and the fact that it lies in the centre of Paris.
Although the city embodies like no other the past and the present, from Europe, to come to have side-effects. For some, the only cure for this syndrome, it is to run away and never come back. He writes in Enrique Vila-Matas, Paris never ends”.