Relatives of patients with Covid-19 burst at the hospital of The Americas Ecatepec


Two groups of people stormed the General Hospital, “The Americas” of Ecatepec, State of Mexico, because they were not provided with information about their family members who suffer from Covid-19.

The situation got out of hand and came to the aggression against a doctor urgenciólogo, three people from surveillance and a worker of administrative.

To do this it was necessary the intervention of the state police and the National Guard, who are guarding the hospital.

In the evening shift is only one doctor for the care of patients and in the course of the afternoon occurred the death of two people and it was reported to their families, what they assume generated the anger of others.

In this regard, the Secretariat of state Health reported that they are taking additional measures to provide more information to the families of hospitalized patients.

The director of the Hospital, Joshua, López Vázquez, said that he immediately reported to the police and they arrived at the hospital patrols of the state police, municipal, and subsequently of the National Guard, but they were the ones who controlled the situation, evicting the aggressors.

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