Released, Google, AnTuTu Says That This Is Wrong Understanding

181 – This incident rada absurd anyway. After kicked out of the app store, Play Store, AnTuTu, Google explains how the owner of the Play Store is already wrong understanding about the position of AnTuTu. “We think there’s a misunderstanding here. We have absolutely nothing to do with Cheetah Mobile,” said Amelie Liu, Global Marketing Manager at AnTuTu, in a written statement sent to the page

Cheetah Mobile is a leading provider of software for internet security, with headquarters in Beijing, China. Amelie shows buy AnTuTu actually use the service, Cheetah Mobile legal. Therefore, the link privacy policy AnTuTu leads to the address And this is what is detected by Google, and is of the opinion, AnTuTu is a part of Cheetah Mobile.

What’s the problem then? Cheetah Mobile is how often the “Theater” with Google. You have already repeatedly warned, in connection with the question of the violation of the rules of the game Google set. Probably already fed up with her stubborn, Google blocked all applications and software related to Cheetah Mobile.

AnTuTu hit rock bottom also. Yes, it was, Google recognizes the links lead service-Cheetah Mobile on the app AnTuTu. There are three application AnTuTu, the one on the snout. AnTuTu Benchmark, AnTuTu 3DBench and AITuTu Benchmark –this last application Tester the performance of the technology, AI, new products AnTuTu.

Click on the “ban” from the Play Store, it is justified, Ameilie. AnTuTu receive E-Mails from Google, dated 7. March, informed him that AnTuTu is one of the publishers (app) with the account connected with Cheetah Mobile. Therefore, the entire application AnTuTu removed from the Play Store.

Of course, the “violent eviction” is it AnTuTu makes snorted, and you feel the need to make a clarification. Amelie said, Google is estimated wrong, the position of the AnTuTu, and it will try to flatten it, including replacement of legal providers.

He did not argue, however, that Cheetah Mobile has, in fact, (a) the investor AnTuTu, in the year 2014, and is still one of the shareholders of AnTuTu until now. Though again, though, as the investors, AnTuTu to run the business independently, including the administrative account, Google Play independently anyway. Taka intervene, Cheetah Mobile in this case. To promote this AnTuTu never products by Cheetah Mobile.

The third application AnTuTu itself among smartphone users is deleted actually quite well known. Mainly used to do, is the measurement of the performance of a smartphone. The results of the examination of these requests, often to the benchmark of whether or not the performance of a smartphone. Your application has already been downloaded millions of times, and, of course, so that the field of money, this is pretty great for the publisher to be.