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set price Eight Drugs for Chronic Disease And the typical diseases of the season, appearing at the beginning of September, 24% on average, The increase was almost five times higher than the 5.5% before the devaluation early last month, but has since accelerated and is now showing its impact again.

In this context, it is worth noting that the State Commerce Secretariat reached an agreement with the pharmaceutical sector in early July to keep drug prices below inflation until the end of August. However, the currency devalued after the ruling party’s defeat in Raspasso last month, A sharp increase in influence this month.

Compared with August, the lower limit of the increase of the 8 drugs registered in this list is 18%, and the highest increase is 35%. Converted into pesos, the impact of each drug on the pocket, That’s $320 to $1,200 more than what patients would have paid this month to buy the same drug in August.

Through August, the drugs had risen an average of 68%. But with double-digit gains this month, the average gain would be 90%.

Even in August, drug price increases outpaced inflation. As of July, the CPI has risen 60.2% cumulatively, but pharmaceuticals and pre-depreciation lead by 8 percentage points in August. Now the gap is widening. CPI is expected to be 12% in August, and the cumulative inflation rate will be between 72% and 73%. However, the inflation rate for these drugs is already close to 90% this month. The biggest gap occurs this month.

The data comes from a survey of pharmacies on the most in-demand medicines for seasonal and chronic diseases. Therefore, other therapies may be used in different types of specific treatments, and their prices may be much higher than this average.


For example, according to the survey, price increases affected syrup Ammonia 500 per 90mlused to treat certain infections caused by bacteria: pneumonia, bronchitis, and infections of the ear, nose, throat, urinary tract, and skin. The drug has risen by 21.9% compared with July, and with this increase, the cumulative increase for the whole year has exceeded 100%.

other medicines, such as syrup cloth pilakAmong them, the analgesic and antipyretic drugs per 110 ml increased by 35% month-on-month and within the year, Cumulative 87%.he Optamox Duo 1 gram x 14 units For the short-term treatment of bacterial infections of the nose, throat, and ears, Compared with August, it has increased by 22%, and the cumulative increase has been 102%.

Medicines to treat blood pressure include lorial and lothakol A month-on-month increase of 22%, the cumulative increase 87% per year. diabetes medicines, such as DBI AP 850×30 increased by 18% compared to August and increased by 81% annually.Another drug used to treat diabetes is Glucose x 30 A month-on-month increase of 22.5% accumulated nearly 90% During the year.analgesics Aktron 600×10 A quarter-on-quarter increase of 28%, cumulative growth 96%.

‘We’re worried about pharmacy bankruptcy’

Confirmed by Hugo Navarro, President of the Pharmacists Association of Santiago del Estero Province “It’s a difficult situation for providers, funders and patients, very difficult to maintain.” He stressed that “prices, structural costs and financial costs have risen substantially”. “The outlook is grim for many pharmacies, and amidst this uncertainty, we fear that small and medium-sized companies will go out of business, and we are working hard to avoid them.” He noted that they were in the process of renegotiating “terms and contributions,” but Extreme measures are also taken to control spending to keep the campaign sustainable. /Liberal party

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