Remember Dirty Dancing? There’s a Resort on Shelter Island That’ll Make You Feel the Magical Summer of Baby and Patrick Swayze

In dirty dance, 1987 film Having conquered generations of young people, Baby, a teenager from a wealthy family, spends an unforgettable summer. A whirlwind romance with dancer Johnny starring Patrick Swayze, in a resort surrounded by nature. The idea of ​​a classic American summer camp for adults seems far-fetched today, yet shelter islandjust two hours from New York, PridvinOriginally built in 1927, has just reopened its doors. The perfect amalgamation of playful and nostalgic American ambiance with modern sensibilities, the hotel has been completely renovated by the group The Cape ResortIt has 33 rooms and 16 private cottages set on 7 lush acres overlooking Shelter Island’s Crescent Beach Bay.

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“Time has literally stopped on Prydvin,” he says. Curtis Bashaw, The CEO of Cape Resorts looking out over the bay from the hotel terrace. “I remember the first time I visited the property. I immediately fell in love with its simplicity. It is an ideal place to spend weekends and summer holidays.

The entrance to the Pridvin Hotel. Design: Colleen Bashaw, Brown Hall Design. Photography: Read McKendree. Styling: Francis Bailey

Operated by the Petrie family from 1961 until its recent acquisition by Cape Resorts, Prydwin has long been a Summer Hangouts in Long Island’s East End, « We wanted to recreate the atmosphere of an American summer camp where you drink lemonade by the pool, tour the island on a bicycle or relax in a rocking chair. A relaxed elegance, decidedly all-American”, Curtis Bashaw is keen to point out.

The idea of ​​the new Pridvin is to make guests feel again the magical and nostalgic American atmosphere that was loved in the movie. dirty dancing, “In the woods behind the hut Caroline We have created a natural amphitheater. The idea is to celebrate the evening with music, where people will sing, dance, do karaoke”, explains Basho.

Various activities are available for the guests: Water skiing, kayaking, tennis, hiking and biking in the Mashomac Preserve. “Some like to head to the mountains, some to the beach, Prydvin offers a taste of both scenarios.” From New York, guests can take a train to Greenpoint, and the hotel offers boat service from the train station. « The boat ride to the hotel is a magical experience, a little adventure».

The interiors reflect a perfectly American sensibility: vintage wallpaper, ping pong tables, warm and welcoming living rooms. Like the living room on the first floor around the fireplace. “It’s the perfect spot for a morning coffee or an afternoon cocktail,” he says. Colleen BashoColleen Bashaw, Vice President of Design, Cape Resorts Exclusive advertising italy,

Pridvin has been in the Petrie family for over 70 years, how do you envision renovating the resort?

« We have retained much of the original structure and for the furnishings we have used all the original wicker seats. We have restructured, painted and covered them. Reuse is an integral part of my philosophy. The Petrie family has kept everything on the property. Being an island, things don’t disappear quickly. We found old pictures, old frames and items that I could reuse throughout the space.

At the hotel, large lounges and common areas create a simple, welcoming atmosphere.

“I wanted a timeless and familiar atmosphere. If the places are very well taken care of, you don’t feel comfortable, For example, in the library, bookcases are built on either side of the fireplace to give it more depth and a more homely feel.

Color is a present and recognizable element in The Pridvin’s interiors.

«Green unites, it permeates the building. Every place you enter there is a touch of greenery. Inside it perfectly matches the color of the trees outside. Its effect is soothing to the eyes. at the entrance I used a wallpaper called Fireworks, It’s the perfect balance between classic and contemporary that will still look fresh in 20 years.

The rooms and cottages are simple but very well designed.

“Each cottage has a fireplace and a private terrace. It’s a little luxury we want to offer to all of our guests. Classic design with a modern twist. a special place. I wanted to create a comfortable place where people always want to come back.

Which is your favorite room or environment?

“I really like the playroom wainscoting Original and vintage furniture. It reminds me of a magical past: I find myself watching television as a kid while my parents were downstairs eating dinner. Curtis and I grew up in my Grandfather’s hotels and I think that’s the most special aspect of this one-of-a-kind property. it’s generational, Kids, grandparents and parents can come and everyone can find something to do. There are plenty of corners to sit and read a book or play board games. Loved the bar, the way it looks out over the bay. The building is built exactly on the hill, the view is special.

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