Remember Lex from Jurassic Park? Today she is 43 years old, and she has changed her life: what she has become

Remember little Lex from Jurassic Park? Today he is 43 years old and he has completely changed his life: here’s what he does

“Jurassic Park” is one of the films that entered the history of world cinema. The film was made in 1993 by Steven Spielberg, one of the best directors of his generation, and is based on the novel of the same name by author Michael Crichton. The work is such that it will receive public and critical acclaim, as well as win three Academy Awards.

Lex from Jurassic Park has changed his life (Photo Source: Instagram @arianarichards) –

Although thirty years have passed since the release of the blockbuster, the public is still worried about many curiosities. Among them, it is interesting what happened to the main characters. Some went on to act in films, becoming movement landmarks, while others changed their lives. The latter takes place with Lex Murphy from Jurassic Park.

The actress’s name is Ariana Richards and she became famous for her role in an American film, where she played the role of the granddaughter of Dr. John Hammond and the sister of Tim Murphy, who had the face of actor Richard Attenborough. Although he was then 10 years old, Lex’s today 43 years and changed his life.

Ariana Richards, what happened to Lex Murphy from Jurassic Park

In the Spielberg classic Ariana Richards played the little girl Alexis Murphy. known to fans of Jurassic Park under the diminutive of Former. in the film andwas a teenager fascinated by computer science. After this experience, which brought her great popularity, the actress decided to quit the movie.

Ariana Richards changed her life today (Photo Source: Instagram @arianarichards) –

However, Ariana did not completely leave the field of art, but rushed into another area. AND became a very good artist, creating suggestive works of portraits and landscapes. Most striking is the depiction of the dinosaur, which is reminiscent of his experience in the 1993 film.

In a recent interview, as we read on FanPage, the artist admitted that at one time Spielberg was struck by her ability to be frightened. So much so that he asked her: “How did you get to this level of fear, were you afraid of something when you were two years old? What was it?”.

In fact, the director was struck by her manner of screaming so much that these scenes were very realistic. Spielberg himself said he hadn’t seen anything like it since Fay Wray in King Kong. Despite the decision to change her life, Ariana has left her mark on the film world.

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