Reminiscing about the time Michael Jordan survived a katana slash

Ask former players, current players, front offices or random fans on the street who is the greatest basketball player of all time and you’ll usually get the same answer. Michael Jordan. His grace on the court and his fiery competitive nature made him an instant fan favorite. This attitude also led Jordan to win six NBA championships.

However, Jordan’s reputation as a star began to build long before he entered the NBA, becoming an instant fan favorite in Chapel Hill when he hit the game-winning jumper against Georgetown to win the 1982 NCAA championship. This game took place on March 29, 1982.

But what if I told you that the greatest player in league history nearly ended his NBA career before it even began? Stick around to read the bizarre story of how Michael Jordan was nearly chopped in half by a martial arts expert with a samurai sword in a North Carolina prison.

Long before his storied NBA career with the Bulls began, Michael Jordan had a brush with death in a North Carolina prison.

That summer, Dallas evangelist Bill Glass stopped in North Carolina to begin his prison ministry tour. To spice up his performance, Glass called North Carolina Tar Heels coach Dean Smith and asked him to send him a basketball star. Right now, the player Glass has in mind is Sam Perkins. Heck, he might even choose Jimmy Blake. Instead, the player who emerged was Michael Jordan.

Dubbed “Championship Weekend,” the tour’s purpose is to provide the inmates with a show that will help them forget about their situation, even if it’s just for a minute. On this trip, Glass also brought along a man named Mike Crane. Crane is a martial artist from Tennessee who knows how to put on a show. To further interest the audience, Crane pulled out a samurai sword and asked for a volunteer to assist him with his next act.

Of course, Jordan would be the one voluntarily jumping on stage. At least, that’s how Glass recalls the incident. Crane, on the other hand, remembers that Jordan was a little timid about joining the action, and until Crane challenged Jordan, no one challenged the GOAT and got away with it. Jordan and Crane took the stage together, and the performance featured Jordan lying on a table with a watermelon on his belly. Crane would then blindfold himself and cut the watermelon in half without touching his air.

The problem is that Klein did in fact touch Jordan. There was a small patch near Jordan’s belly button, but Jordan didn’t notice it at the time. He noticed tears in the warm-up suit he was wearing. Jordan, who won these warm-ups from his first international appearance, didn’t like Crane’s sword cutting it.

Jordan didn’t realize he had been cut until he was driving home because he didn’t feel any pain. Because the wound was not deep, it still required three stitches. Crane reportedly performed the watermelon trick 1,750 times but only injured 16 people.

“It’s not a lot,” Crane joked about cutting Jordan, “He missed over 70 game-winning shots. “Only mine was more expensive. “

Jordan will get better as his wounds heal. Not only did he make it to the NBA, he became the greatest player the league has ever seen. Jordan’s 6 NBA championships, 6 Finals MVPs, 5 MVPs, Defensive Player of the Year Award and 10 scoring titles make it difficult for anyone to regard him as the “GOAT”. Nothing could stop Michael Jordan from achieving greatness… not even a katana – the swinging, blindfolded martial artist.

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