Remove clinical director with the outbreak of COVID-19 in Monclova


Authorities reported that they are already 32 workers of the Hospital number 7 of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) in Monclova which were positive by COVID-19, due to the outbreak which was recorded in this clinic and that for the moment has claimed the life of a doctor urgenciólogo.

Last Tuesday, the IMSS had given the figure of 21 infections.

The governor of Coahuila, Miguel Riquelme, and the head of Health in the Work of the IMSS, Eduardo Robles, updated this afternoon with information about the contingency that was recorded in this clinic, highlighting that it has already started to deliver the equipment of protection claimed by the staff from weeks ago.

After the claims of the staff at the clinic, was removed the director of the hospital.

At the conference 19:00 hours in the Mexico City, Manuel Cervantes Ocampo, holder of the Coordination of Comprehensive Health Care in the First Level of the IMSS, he said that he had been removed to be greater than 60 years, to not have it exposed to the disease.

Although on the other hand, local media and Notimex indicated that the removal had been for the protests over lack of protective equipment for Health workers.

It was reported that IMSS and state-owned laboratories take place immediately tests all of the staff that work in the aforementioned hospital, in order to avoid contagion, continue to move forward.

“We regret very much the death of our doctor, but something very important is the follow-up suspected cases and to cases, in such a way that the Institute in conjunction, with the health sector, specifically the state labs, they will be sufficient for the testing of the workers”, said the head of Health in the Work of the IMSS, Eduardo Robles.

Indicated that it will also start a thorough sanitation throughout the Hospital number 7 in a staggered manner, in order not to interrupt the medical care to the patients of this clinic, in which he asserted will have to list a coverage of 150 beds.

He stressed that in a short time you will receive an endowment of 50 extra fans, while continuing the conversion of this clinic in the “Hospital COVID”.

In connection with workers infectedstressed that dyou are hospitalized and the rest in home isolation to meet the period of quarantine.

On the death of the doctor infected the aforementioned viruses, the officer expressed condolences on behalf of the IMSS and ruled that its spread was due to lack of equipment.

However, in the conference night federal Health stated that “yes there was an occupational exposure of the doctor”.

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