Removed christmas bonuses and lower salaries of senior officials by Covid-19 [Nacional] – 05/04/2020


Mexico city.- President Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced that, to cope with the looming economic crisis by coronavirus covid-19 in the country, will remove the bonuses from the play positions of assistant directors and superiors, even yours, in the federal administration, as well as the lowering of wages.

Although he said that there is consensus for such a measure, with the elimination of the christmas bonus, the government lopezobradorista I would be violating one of the employment benefits bill of the affected.

During his “report to the people of Mexico” -made in a National Palace totally empty, – the governor specified that there will be no dismissal of workers in the public sector, but they will demand more efficiency and total honesty.

As I had said in previous weeks, the government that he heads will focus on serving the most vulnerable population, in addition to which is suspended the delivery of social supports.

Although not indicated in figures, the tabasco also said that it will reduce the cost of advertising, the departure of per diem, operating expenses, and “save more” in purchases from suppliers.

He also noted that an intensification of the alienation of property to common crime and “white collar”, which will be offered through raffles.

You have 6 thousand 425 beds to meet covid-19

President López Obrador said that the country counts with 6 thousand 425 beds of intensive therapy for the care of covid-19.

He said that such beds have their respective fans and members of the specialized health care.

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