Rent Girlfriend, comedy review with Jennifer Lawrence

In theaters June 21

girlfriend for rent new Sony Pictures comedy featuring Jennifer Lawrence and under the guidance Gena Stupnitsky (Good boys – These bad boys).

In the film, in addition to Jennifer Lawrence, Andrew Feldman (Guide to fall in love) Laura Benanti (Gossip), Natalie Morales (Dead to me) e Matthew Broderick (Manchester by the sea).

girlfriend for rent will only be in the cinema 21st of Juneproduced by Sony Pictures and distributed by Eagle Pictures.


On the verge of losing her childhood home MaddieJennifer Lawrence) discovers an intriguing job opening: Wealthy helicopter owners are looking for someone to set up a date with for their 19-year-old introverted son, Percy, before he heads off to college. To her surprise, Maddie will soon find that it won’t be easy with the clumsy Percy.

Review edited by Ilaria Berlingeri

AND Jennifer Lawrence real reason to watch girlfriend for renta sassy comedy that mixes sex, money and unlikely love.

The actress once again demonstrates all her talent in a completely believable role. femme fatale only in appearance, in fact, fragile and in need of love.

Beautiful and self-critical, it is she who carries the entire film on her shoulders.returning to comedy after intense and famous dramatic rehearsals.

Problem girlfriend for renthowever, it’s a script: unfortunate, not too brilliant and seasoned with clich├ęs.

It’s a pity because Lawrence’s performance deserves a sharper script to support a good movie..

girlfriend for rent, on the other hand, is only occasionally funny, more politically correct than one would like to think, and remains fairly anonymous. One of those films that are quickly forgotten as soon as they leave the cinema. mimics American sex comedies of the 90s, but does not have that goliard spirit that made them small cult.

However, nothing detracts from what is at stake. A quick and pleasant product to spend a spicy and carefree summer evening.

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