Rep. Julia Miranda in emergency hospital

Neoliberal chamber of commerce representative Julia Miranda (Julia Miranda) pushed for the establishment of a chamber of commerce plenary subcommittee to write a new health care reform text and get it approved by parliament, becoming a trend. The tactic has been criticized by departments close to the government.

On Monday, the congresswoman’s press office reported that she became decompensated while at the Capitol, forcing her to receive attention from the Legislative Medical Unit and was later transferred by ambulance to a more complex center.

“He had a gastritis crisis and we followed the protocol, which was to call the doctor and he advised him to go to the clinic to check and make sure everything was ok,” he said.

They also reported that the representative underwent a series of assessments and “she is currently doing well and resting as advised”.

The legislative task force also denied that Miranda’s decompensation was caused by attacks on him on social networks for his proposal to rewrite the text of the health care reform.

It’s worth noting that Congresswoman Katherine Miranda was also criticized for what the historical convention called “a little drama” to stop the progress of this government project; however, it defended itself saying, “We A public proposal was put forward and pre-read to all MPs. It is not my fault that many MPs and their UTLs are not paying attention to the issues being considered.”

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