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FaseBerita.ID – ST-alias R (35) the return of the citizens arrested by the police, on Wednesday (14/3). The child’s father is convicted of theft at a house in Jalan Iyu, village shower Kerambil, Wednesday (4/3). Goods in the form of HP, as much as 4 units, bags and money Rp600.000 Jimmi ‘ s structure (27), residing in Oita Japan Medan stay at a friend’s house.

The arrest of the residents of Paradise Road, Village shower bamboo, Sibolga Sambas, it’s thanks to the report, Jimmi station in Sibolga Sambas. In his testimony, he claimed, came into the house of his friend in Jalan Iyu), Tuesday (3/3) at about 17.00. The next day, when the witness woke up, saw the HP and the bag disappeared.

“Waking up from the sleep and watch your HP as much as 4 units of any brand HP Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Gold colour, Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 in the color Rose Gold, Samsung J2 Prime Gold color, Nokia blue color. Then, the money so much as Rp600.000 and Tactical bag brown colour grey is no more. After receipt of the report of the chief of police Sibolga Sambas Iptu Royamber Panjaitan SE comma a unit of the criminal investigation and the deepening of the top of the report, presided. Saturday (14/3) about puku 18.00, ST backed up while walking on the street of Paradise,” said police chief Sibolga COMMISSIONER Triyadi in a statement about the head of the public relations Iptu Ramadhansyah Linda, Wednesday (21/3).

The police, recidivists, convicted previously confess in the year 2002, in the case of theft and in the year 2006, in the case of the narcotics. He said that he was about to 01.30 PM, you had to steal the intention, on the street, Iyu. When down behind the houses, he saw the window side of the house, a friend Jimmi open. He was then in action as they climb the walls of the house rise to the.

“In the attic of the house, he took a broom handle and a handle, the outflow of the waste. Then he sees HP as much as 3 units, brand Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Gold colour, Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 in the color Rose Gold, Nokia small color blue. During this time he also took a bag of brown color the gray contains 1 unit of brand HP Samsu J2 Prime color of Gold and a wallet-black color with as much money as Rp520.000,” said Linda imitated report Jimmi the police.

Then ST is going to leave the site, towards the road KH. Ahmad Dahlan. In a cottage, ST replace the sim card, HP Nokia and you can relax in the cottage. A few hours later, the people the call to buy the goods stolen, ask HP.

“At about 10.00 p.m., he contacted his friend and said, it is hp, and answered: no, you come to the place with ordinary. About 30 minutes later his girlfriend came in and asked about hp and he showed his hp as much as 3 units. The friend, whose identity has bagged choose the brand Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 and paid to 600,000,” he said.

Not only that, ST 2 PCs HP sell for 2 persons, the identity of the police bagged.

“Thursday (5/3), at about 13.00, ST hp-brand-Xiaomi Redmi Note sale: 3 price Rp 400,000 to someone. Then, on Saturday (7/3) at about 9.00 a.m. a man came to ask, to answer HP and ST, there are brands Samsung price of Rp500.000. The buyer answered:,, you wait, I brought the buyer. At about 13.00 PM, a woman came, which is not known, and HP sold for Rp500.000. And by about 18: 00 ST the street of Paradise, guaranteed,” said Linda.

The proceeds from the sale of goods stolen after the ST was used to the game-play. “Uses the game-play dam stone,” ketusnya.

From the results of the inspection, the ST is then defined as a suspect and arrested in the RTP police Sibolga Sambas. Suspect charged with article 363, paragraph 1, of the 3e and 5e KUHPidana, with the threat of punishment of over 5 years. (ts)

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