Report curfew in Tomatlán, following the death by coronavirus


After last Friday confirmed the death in Tomatlán of a woman by coronavirus, municipal authorities implemented from this Sunday’s “curfew” and it was recommended that the population not to go out to the street after eight in the evening.

According to information published in electronic media such as CPS News and the portal Quadratín, the municipal president Jorge Luis Tello García, confirmed the version that was circulated in social networks. The mayor clarified that the “curfew” applies to the retail sale of alcohol, family gatherings, and those who travel in groups on the street, warned that impadrán sanctions to those who do not comply.

Tello García, referred that there are two cases of COVID-19 registered in the municipality, of the woman who died, a native of Oregon, united States, and the second case is the husband of the victim.



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