Reported the first death by Covid-19 in the Yucatan


MERIDA.- In video conferencing Mauritius Sauri LiveSecretary of state Public Health reported the first death by Covid-19 in the Yucatan.

Sauri Live, explained that it is a 36-year old man, who was hospitalized. The now deceased also suffered from obesity.

After the confirmation of the sensible fact, the medical staff followed the protocols and guidelines set by the World Health Organization (WHO), and the federal authorities. Family members are isolated in their homes, under rigorous monitoring.

Covid 19 in Yucatan

Since the start of the contingency until this Friday, April 3, there have been 338 cases of suspected Covid-19 in Yucatan. Of which 61 are positive, 73 are in the studio and have been ruled out 204. The age range of confirmed cases is 17 to 78 years.

On the positive cases 41 have been recovered, do not have symptoms and cannot spread.

While 11 patients are stable and are isolated in their homes. And that the medical personnel constantly monitored. All patients have mild symptoms.

8 of these confirmed cases are hospitalized and in total isolation. Among them, two british citizens, whose government requested the humanitarian aid to Mexico– both were diagnosed here.

Another a passing british gave positivebut it presents mild symptoms, is isolated and is monitored permanently by medical personnel of the health sector.

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The yucatan living in Canada and Peru, also are hospitalized. Their cases do not form part of the statistics, local and federal.

Web site and phone line

The Government put at the disposal of the yucatecans a internet site where can consult all the official information on the Covid-19. In addition to a hotline, in Spanish and mayaexclusively for people who show symptoms of the disease.

Phone line: 800 YUCATAN (800 982 2826)

Furthermore, today we activated a chat via WhatsApp, free that is available on the number 999 200 8489 in Spanish and 9991 40 66 22 in the mayan language, which offers a diagnosis automated.

Prevention measures

They reiterated that among the basic measures of prevention are washing hands frequently using soap and water or an alcohol-based solution gel to 70 percent; when sneezing or coughing, it is important to cover the nose or mouth with a tissue or with the internal angle of the arm; and in case of being sick to not go out of the home. Similarly, avoid direct contact with people who have cold or flu symptoms and do not self-medicate.

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