Reprehensible: Espinoza provoked the people of Vélez with kisses

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The referee went out to direct the second half of the match between Vélez and San Lorenzo under a cataract of insults from the Fortín fans. Your reaction is unmissable.

VIDEO |  Reprehensible: Espinoza provoked the people of Vélez with kisses
VIDEO | Reprehensible: Espinoza provoked the people of Vélez with kisses

Vélez and San Lorenzo are playing a great game at José Amalfitani, within the framework of matchday 20 of the Professional League. Hanson scored twice, while Ortega gave the Cuervo the goal with a goal against. Despite the good show that both teams are giving, the arbitration of Fernando Espinoza is drawing the attention of all the cameras.

The international judge is taking a barrage of insults from the four sides of the Fortín stadium due to his performance in one of the great games of the date. The discontent of the local public was felt before the restart of the match, just as the teams were preparing to start the second half.

At the moment Espinoza entered the field of play, people began to sing a classic against the referees and put the last name of the judge of the match. “Espinoza button, Espinoza button, you are a son of p …, the p …. mother who gave birth to you”, was heard from all sectors of the Amalfitani. The international’s reaction was unexpected: he began to laugh looking at the people of Vélez.

As if that were not enough, Espinoza counterattacked with a provocative gesture that made the audience explode. The referee started blowing kisses to the fans and the temperature of the game rose as never before. Few times was something like this seen on a field by an Argentine soccer authority.

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