“Reptile”. On Netflix October 6th.

Benicio del Toro AND Alicia Silverstone they are reunited in a thriller reptile. Film that appears Netflix October 6, also playing Justin Timberlake, Francis Fisher, Michael Pitt AND Sky Ferreira.

Exciting debut of Grant Singer

When Grant Singer decided to debut as a directorreptileHe wanted to convey an important concept: deceit.

“INI wanted to create this multifaceted sense of deceit both in the characters’ experiences and in the very structure of the narrative. It was something that excited me“,

speaks electronic warfare about the movie.

Singer describes it as a crime thriller neo-noir. The film opens with the brutal murder of a young real estate agent and follows a seasoned detective played by an Oscar-winning filmmaker. Benicio del Toro as he tries to uncover the truth in a case where all is not what it seems. In doing so, he destroys the illusions of his own life.

“Reptile”: (re)creation of the cast

Singer – who made music videos from Taylor Swift To Weekend To Sam Smith – shares script captions with del Toro AND Benjamin Brewer. del Toro he was actively involved in the project from the first days. In fact, he is also an executive producer and may have played a key role in bringing Alicia Silverstone.

By an unusual twist of fate, Silverstone AND del Toro they starred in a movie togetherExcess baggage‘ from 1997, in which he played her kidnapper (as a result of an accidental kidnapping). However, here they are two longtime loving spouses.

Singerat first he said that he could not remember exactly the conversation in which the name was mentioned Silverstonebut later admitted that he thought it was del Toro mention it first.

No matter what, choose Silverstone and then create reunion there were two stars on the screen

one of Singer’s best decisions for the film. We both felt she was perfect for the role.. And then, as soon as she met, it became very clear that she was going to bring this character to life in a unique, interesting and authentic way. Whenever she’s on screen, there’s something electric about her, just like their dynamic. I think it’s because they’ve known each other for a long time and worked together.the director says.

The reunion was often discussed on set.

We’ve all talked about reuniting after so many years. It was a truly touching experience.“, he admits. Singer.

outside Silverstone AND del Tororeptile‘ is also interpreted Justin Timberlake, Michael Pitt, Ato Essando, Domenic Lombardozzi, Mike Pniewski, Francis Fisher, Eric Bogosyan, Sky Ferreira and others.

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How will “Reptile”

In his directorial debut Singer he says that working and collaborating with these actors was his “favorite part” of making the film and what he remembers the most. Although the film looks Fincherian in its sense of dark horror, the mood on set couldn’t be more different, with Singer which describes it as “very fun, cheerful, excited and happy set“.

All this clearly translates into the film, especially at key moments.

I didn’t want to create something cold and clinical and sterile. I wanted to create something alive, warm, kindred and human, and I think that was my intention to warmly confront the unknown or unnerving anxiety.“, he claims Singer.

Singer he says that he is attracted by the ambiguity of art and considers Fincher, Cockpit, Scorsese AND Anderson as some of his biggest inspirations. He further states that he hopes that “reptile‘ touches people and can spark conversations about what they just saw.

I think the film will be exciting for people who like to watch something without knowing where it will take you, with twists and turns and deceptions. Especially people who love intense, deep and moving experiences will find something exciting in the film.“.

reptile‘ will have its world premiere in Toronto International Film Festivall L’8 September and will be available for streaming on Netflix from October 6.

Here is the original source: Entertainment Weekly – Reptile

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