Rescued her daughter from a trafficking ring and killed her boyfriend for “delivery” | Chronicle

The controversy is installed in the state of Washington, where a man was detained in the small town of Spokane, for having killed her daughter’s boyfriend after discovering that the young man he had sold to a sex trafficking ring.

John eisenman (60) is charged with first degree murder after the body of a 19-year-old man was found last month in the trunk of an abandoned car.

Police sources indicated that the homicide would have occurred days after the man learned that his daughter was part of a trafficking network operating in the Seattle area.

Local police explained that in October 2020, Eisenman discovered that her minor daughter had been sold to a sex trafficking organization and that her boyfriend, Aaron Sorenson, may have been responsible for the sale.

After learning of this situation, he managed to rescue the young woman and take her back to Spokane, the officers explained in a publication of Facebook.

Heals and saves at home, the victim said that her boyfriend had been responsible that she had to have gone through that difficult experience, in addition, it revealed where the subject was hiding.

John Eisneman faces a possible life sentence (Twitter).

In early November, Eisenman kidnapped his daughter’s partner after learning that he was going to be in a house in Airway Heights, about 15 kilometers west of Spokane, he details. The Mirror. He drove there and waited for the 19-year-old and when he found him, he tied him up and placed him in the trunk of the vehicle.

Later, Eisenman hit him on the head with a cinder block and then stabbed him repeatedly, causing his death.

“After the homicide, he drove the vehicle to a remote area in North Spokane County and left the vehicle with the body still inside,” the police explained.

Notably, the car remained in the field until someone moved it and left it on East Everett Avenue. Authorities said they do not believe the person driving the vehicle knew that there was a corpse in the trunk, according to the British media.

Body finding

Given the suspicious presence of the vehicle and the bad smell that it emanated, some neighbors came to inspect it. It was at that moment when found, in a terrible state of decomposition, Sorensen’s body.

Amber hellmann, a young woman who resides in the area, said that her boyfriend and another friend went to see the car after noticing that it had been in the area for some time. “They were looking around and for some reason, they decided to look at the trunk and all I heard is, ‘There is a body,'” told KHQ-TV.

Aaron Sorenson was killed by Eisenman (WSP).

In the investigation of the case, authorities arrested John Eisenman for first degree murder and booked him into the county jail with a bail set at a million dollars.

Court documents obtained by The Spokesman Review Said Sorenson’s ankles and hands they were tied with straps. He also had duct tape covering his mouth.

His clothes were ripped, suggesting that he had been stabbed several times. However, an investigation into the case is still being carried out to obtain more accurate data.

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