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Facing the final day of round 3 of Federation “A”, Marcelo Gomez studies the 11 games he will face against the Villa Ramalo defender.

After two weeks without an official increase in playing time, Sporting Belgrano will play the 27th game of the federation competition. Before this suspension, the most talked about thing was that Green coach Marcelo Gomez had to convey his thoughts on the game to the players, because he played 3 games in 10 days. Things are different today, and after weeks of intense work, expect to see a good version of the greens against the Buenos Aires Elephants.

On the other hand, it is expected that Sunday’s 4:00 pm 11 match will be similar to their friendlies against Federated Tiro de Motros and Union de Alicia.

He will also be forced to make changes, though, with Gonzalo Ramirez injured in Friday’s friendly and the absence of Alberione centre-back Brian Flores with sinusitis. 3 training games, so he won’t ask and leave the team in front of the elephants.

Given the casualty profile, a possible eleven could be Leonardo Martina; Lucio Perez, Mauro Orue, Thomas Rossi and Mariano Gancedo; Diego Nunez, Jeremias Jimenez and Martin Aguero; Nicolás Músio, Jorge Cordoba and Axel Muzarella.

At 4:00pm on Sunday, the green ball faces the garnet ball.

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