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River had his Party at the Monumental with a win over Racing which ended up giving him the 2021 Professional League title when there are still three dates to play. And as it could not be missing, in Olé we prepared a special poster.

Yes, with the printed edition of Olé this Saturday 11/27, you will have a double poster with the championship of the Gallardo team. On one side, the squad, with Armani and Ponzio at the helm, raising the expected glass. And on the other, the great maker of these triumphs: the Doll.

The poster of River champion of the LPF 2021.

The poster of River champion of the LPF 2021.

The poster of River champion of the LPF 2021.

The poster of River champion of the LPF 2021.

“First I want to clarify that I am ending my contract and it is the first time that my bond is ending. I have given everything to this club until today. It is the first time, beyond some moment of anxiety and to analyze because this demands a lot I think I deserve the possibility of rethinking myself because it takes a lot of energy to continue. Now I am going to analyze it, to rethink it. The club did not deserve my head to be elsewhere. He didn’t want to go beyond the desire to win. From now on, having enjoyed it, I am going to seriously rethink to continue because River deserves that someone has a lot of energy. The common denominator thinks that you can relax, live calmly and do not live it that way. I do not give myself moments to relax because it would be doing bad to the club“.

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“Beyond the reflection that one has to do, it will be quite a decision … Whatever it is will be very difficult. Sportingly speaking, we have gone through many situations, but personally it can be the most difficult “.

“This is everyone’s. There is a group of players with an enormous human quality, they lend themselves to work, demand, they do not escape the effort. There is a great sense of belonging.ia, we have been working for a long time and it is not easy to sustain the intensity and demand of the club, they are there, they push forward, they have ups and downs, they recover, the boys have a space to naturalize the idea and make it their own. The greatest is required for the smallest, they show a path and it is a happiness and pride with the group of players that one manages. After much suffering, people were able to return and we closed a year round. “

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“You always want to win, you try, we had the chance, it escaped us and in some moments we have chosen. The competition is very tough, we had to select moments and I do not regret what we did. We were left out of the Cup, we suffered, we felt that we were not linking with injuries, suddenly we flowed again and that is what it is about, of having the fortitude to face with force when you feel that you are reeling. We recovered from all those things. “

“These people gave me a lot and it pays back. People deserved to have a year-end joy, refill the state after such a long time of not putting come, the way they played team, more represented by them can not be felt. “

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