Resident Evil 4 VR is the best-selling Oculus Quest in history, and will receive a new mode in 2022

Mercenaries mode will land in the virtual reality version of the Capcom classic.

Resident Evil 4 VR has been received much better than we expected. Both critics and players have been able to see that this adaptation to virtual reality of the classic of Capcom offers a unique experience, which is now available on Oculus Quest with some modifications to remove sexist references.

Precisely from Oculus Quest 2, or Meta Quest 2 (his new name), we come to talk, since the game has become the best selling app in the history of the device, which has both other titles and tools that move away from the world of video games.

The new mode will arrive for free in 2022Has announced it Jason rubin, senior manager of the Facebook section, who has also shared a video of the next modality that Resident Evil 4 VR will arrive: Mercenaries mode. Through a free update, we can enjoy the return of this mode with waves of enemies in a few different scenarios, and being able to control several characters. We will have to wait, yes, to 2022, when its premiere will take place.

This version of the Capcom classic changes the perspective to adapt a first-person view more immersive. We have the entire Leon S. Kennedy arsenal at our disposal, but this has to be managed by the player directly, recharging manually and guided by our own pulse.

In our analysis of Resident Evil 4 VR, Alejandro Pascual highlighted that virtual reality makes the game a completely different experience. It does not replace the original, but it adds adapting to a new format that allows us to discover new details and return to the classic in a very original way.

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