Residents of commune 9 break free from their daily routines thanks to “Cali crossing the commune”

This Saturday, August 26th, the exciting “Cali with the Commune” takes place at the emblematic Parque Obrero of Comuna 9 (Carrera 10 and Calle 23).

Children, teens and seniors gather in this space for an afternoon of fun and entertainment. The little ones are the real stars of the day, enjoying entertainment, drama and face painting. With smiles on their faces, a testament to the success of the show designed for them.

The event was held from 2:00pm to 8:00pm and was a huge success. Laughter filled the park as families shared special moments and strengthened community bonds.

Plus, it features a variety of attractions to keep everyone fun and engaged. The stories of these puppets captivate adults and children alike by telling social realities in a humorous way. Also, there is a magician who dazzles the public with his tricks and tricks.

“Cali Comes to the Commune” is an initiative promoted by the Minister of Culture of Cali to bring artistic and cultural expressions of all genres and sectors in the city closer to the local community.

Department of Communications, Ministry of Culture.

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Release date 08/27/2023

Last Modified August 27, 2023

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