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Respawn has promised to fight harder against cheaters in Apex Legends

The authors of Apex Legends said they are considering several options to strengthen the fight against cheaters. The development team is currently focused on the following three areas:

  • hiring more people for manual blocking;
  • creation of new tools to automatically detect and stop DDoS attacks;
  • new ways to “catch and remove cheaters from the game faster”.

Representatives of Respawn Entertainment promised to further notify players about the progress and the introduction of new methods of blocking dishonest users.

In early June, the developers identified 31 violators associated with DDoS attacks on Apex Legends servers. Shooter security expert Conor Ford said that the developers are doing their best to solve the problem of fraud.

Respawn previously blocked 700 high-ranked accounts for cheating in ranked games. Employees of the company urged players to report each case of violation and send a video of the incident for a detailed analysis of the situation.

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