“Respect my children’s privacy”

Shakira in recent times has often been the focus of gossip: first for the betrayal immediately from Piqué with Clara Chia, then for the consequent (stormy) separation, then again, for the song in which there are 50 references to the ex-husband and the new girlfriend. The Colombian pop star has therefore decided to leave Barcelona and move in with her children to You love me where his family lives. Now, Shakira is once again the center of attention for an appeal to paparazzi.

Clara Chia Marti «cheated on Piqué with her former coach Guardiola». The gossip that inflames Spain

Shakira and the social message for Clara Chia, the fans go crazy: «You are brilliant»

Shakira, the gossip ignites: «After Piquè, here is the new boyfriend»

Shakira he always tried to keep his own safe children, Milan 10 years old and Sasha of 8. However, it was not always possible and for this reason the singer decided to appeal directly to the paparazzi: «I plead with the media on behalf of my children to respect their right to privacy. Please refrain from following them at the entrance and exit of their school, waiting for them at the door of our house or following them in their extracurricular and recreational activities as the media has done at Barcelona with the intention of taking pictures or increasing ratings”.

A mother’s love

Shakira she also addressed the media writing: «I have paparazzi camp out in front of my house 24/7. And there is nowhere I can hide from them with my kids except in my house. It’s just a total circus, everyone is speculating about these aspects of our lives and especially our children, and a lot of what is published is not even true.

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