Respiratory Diseases: Know Myth or Truth About Each Disease

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In winter, respiratory diseases are often associated with cold or low temperatures. But how true is that? Learn about it in the notes.

About Respiratory Diseases Like the flu, there have been multiple myth and truth around how they happen and how to deal with them. Next we’ll take a look at 7 of the most iconic questions that have haunted many since ages to remember.

1. Influenza causes: Cold or exposure to low temperatures:

This is part of a myth, due to reasons such as cold or exposure to low temperatures They don’t always trigger the flu.

Some people get sick this way in the summer, when these conditions don’t exist.Therefore, it is recommended that people always Be careful when coughing or sneezing Avoid contagion (this is how diseases really spread).

this envirnmental factor They are not a determinant of flu.

2. Antibiotics are the best option for treating the flu

First, flu is caused by a virus, so antibiotics are needed won’t have any effect on her. So that’s also part of the myth.

If this occurs, you are advised to treat symptoms, seek relief and rest.Viral infection as opposed to bacterial infection no medicine neededIt can only treat the symptoms but not the root cause.

3. The flu shot doesn’t work

This is another myth too.Vaccines are an important medium avoid strong influence any type of flu. Covid-19 is an obvious example.

Its application has saved many lives as scientific advances in the medical literature surrounding this virus identified its components most suitable To prevent it from causing death in the person who absorbs this evil in the body.

4. Going out with wet hair is prone to flu

Humidity has been linked to flu triggers for years. However, this is far from reality.As explained earlier, influenza is caused by The process of infection from person to person.

Therefore, if a person leaves the house with wet hair, not decisive Presents the flu. This is only part of the myth.

5. Avoid bathing and closing rooms when you have the flu

Conversely, and contrary to another hypothesis, when going through the flu course, rooms and areas of the house They should be the most ventilated for the virus to dissipate.

also, Daily bath not to be missed, as it also contributes to patient improvement. In this sense, it should be done with warm water to avoid sudden changes in temperature.

6. Overdressing when you have a fever

This statement is the exact opposite of what you should really do when you have a fever. Therefore, it is also part of the myth.

In this case, it is appropriate to the person wraps up as little as possible And sleep on sheets to regulate body temperature.

7. Sanitize hands with alcohol to eliminate flu transmission

This holds half the truth.During the pandemic, this resource is being used as a way to disinfect and avoid the spread of Covid-19; however, that soap and water is an agent Effective in helping to spread the flu.

It should be noted that hands must be disinfected in time after surgery. The patient sneezes, coughs, or blows their nosesince it is there to expel particles from the fluid droplets that are emitted outwards.

In this way, we met 7 myth or truth related Respiratory Diseases We must know how to make good decisions and know how to act in case of flu or other illnesses.

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