Retro Curls: Cami Mendes and Sydney Sweeney Bring Us Back to Vintage Curls

Rcurly, curly and more curly. But only in a sculpted retro version, worn by Kami Mendes and Sydney Sweeney for a throwback look with maximum style.

Maybe it’s because fashion always comes back. Maybe because the love of curls (especially for those who don’t have them) rears its head from time to time. The fact is that both actresses Cami Mendes and Sydney Sweeneythey really let themselves get carried away by showing off their styled hair figure retro truly dizzying and full of charm.

Brunette and blonde, but with a common denominator. hedgehogs. Many, indeed, many. Crisp and fluffy, in a version reminiscent of the ’80s and end-of-year parties. In the perfect curly, retro vibe that looking at them almost makes you want to repeat them.

One style which will certainly not go unnoticed and will make you and your hair the real heroes of the day or evening. Just like Cami Mendes and Sydney Sweeney. After all, with two hairstyles like this, success could only be guaranteed.

The first, Kami, has hair with distinct curls, but not too bulky, designed with a side parting that almost forms a large bun on one side. The second, however, is Sydney, showing off her long hair. super fluffy, cotton. And in this case, with a side parting, as if to form a wave on the hair. And give the lovely actress some old-fashioned charm, in the perfect curly, retro mood.

Two hairstyles that you can also replicate by going to a trusted hairdresser and creating curls. super clean and with the right level of enthusiasm or preferring the DIY method. For example, using a special shampoo for curly hair and applying foam or mousse that defines the style.

From here, to create perfect curls, you will have to gather your hair into small strands, twist them towards yourself and hold them in place until completely dry, then loosen them and fix them with a special product. And your retro curls are ready to show off and take you back in time with Cami Mendes and Sydney Sweeney.

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