RETRORESEÑA: “The Internship”, the teen series that launched to fame in the Ana Weapons Series


Before streaming services take a leading role in the television deal, countries like the united States, Spain, Mexico and Argentina produced series youth large level for traditional television. In 2007, Antena 3 and Globomedia launched into the air the Spanish “The Internship” a captivating story of two brothers who, after the disappearance of their parents, come to the boarding-school, “Black Lagoon” without imagining that the place would be the scene of paranormal events, criminals, and violent. It is also the series that launched to fame to cuban Ana de Armas, who made the leap to Hollywood.

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Although the storyline of the young orphans-or away from their parents, as in this case─ it was terribly recurrent in strips youth of the 2000’s (because, of course, worked), “The Internship” proposed this and something more: the good management of suspense. Laura Belloso, screenwriter and creator of the series, never underestimated at a youthful audience by offering only a production of friendship, romance, and sexual discovery — and as already done by the competition in other countries─, but will also gave horror and fantasy. All of this made of “The internship” an unusual package for TV of the time.

These elements were joined by the good choice of characters and the original script, from young, physically attractive to characters truly endearing. Everything indicated that “The Internship” was created to succeed. And although it has done so in his seven seasons long, was not all successful.

Mark, Ivan, Amaia and Roque, of
Mark, Ivan, Amaia and Roque, “El Internado”. (Photo: Broadcast)

As the success grew, the argument was on chopped. The still existing difficulty of saying “no” to requirements of the canal was what prevented the production to give a good development to the story. Maybe sick for the big payoffs of “The Internship”, its creators went necessarily the plot.

What began as a sort of thriller ─with monsters and nazis by─, ended up in an implausible story of full happiness. While it is true that Mark, Carol, Ivan, Vicky and Julia never nothing went well, his victory against the powerful villains it was hard to believe considering that, from one moment to another, the unfortunate young people who became heroes without a layer.

Iván Noiret and Marcos Novoa, of
Iván Noiret and Marcos Novoa, of “The Internship”. (Photo: Broadcast)

The start of this wrong step happened in the mid of the fifth season with the revelation of new villains (hugh and Amelia), who had previously shown good intentions. This not only marked the continuation of the bad luck of the protagonists, but meant to tell parallel stories to be unnecessary. With the arrival of the sixth season, the pattern was repeated and, in addition to the strengthening of the already known enemies, there were new villains, and, even, revived others. In this way we had the inconceivable resurrection of Camilo, the malicious complicity of Lucy and the perverse claims of Wulf.

The seventh season did not break the power of evil and given us more of the same. New infiltrates as the Lieutenant Garrido and the student Maia joined the an outbreak of a deadly virus; whose cure was interrupted multiple times until you reach the last episode, with a machine of advanced technology never seen before.

Roque, Victoria, Ivan, Julia, Marcos and Carolina, of
Roque, Victoria, Ivan, Julia, Marcos and Carolina, of “The Internship”. (Photo: Broadcast)

After these past three seasons marked by misfortune, “The Internship” was dismissed definitively with the victory sudden of almost all its protagonists. How they succeeded is the question of those who follow this series until the end. But despite its flaws, the novel bet Spanish made history in more than 20 countries with emissions and adaptations that make it unique. Also made books and special Blu-Ray; and even was included in 2013 in the rankings, The WIT of the best television formats of the past 50 years.

These fruits have fallen mainly on his star juvenile: Martiño Rivas, Yon González, Elena Furiase, Blanca Suárez and Ana de Armas, who was held for years an enormous success that led to starring in films and series local great host. However, it was the cuban Ana de Armas who decided to go beyond and pursue a career in Hollywood.

Mark (Martiño Rivas) and Carolina (Ana de Armas) during a scene
Mark (Martiño Rivas) and Carolina (Ana de Armas) during a scene from “The internship”. (Photo: Broadcast)

Before “The Internship”, the actress participated in tapes cuban-Spanish minor, but it was the series of Antena 3 that he did try his luck ─again─ in the foreign. After overcoming the demanding auditions in Los Angeles, Ana de Armas got his first roles in “Knock Knock” (2015) and “War dogs” (2016) prior to participating in the blockbuster “Blade Runner 2049” (2017), “Between knives and secrets” (2019) and “No time to die” (2020).

The Spanish series hopes to repeat history in 2021, with the release of their own reboot called “The Boarding school: The Summit”, which will feature the same creative and are delivered by Amazon Prime Video. An excellent opportunity to amend the mistakes of the past.


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