Return of Eva Henger to Tik-Tok with Smaila, Mattioli and Fausto Leali.

Eva Henger interprets Eva Henger, this happens in comedy Tick-tick director Davide Scovazzo.

“I have played himself. Although I thought it was easy it was very difficult. When you interpret your person, you realize that you don’t really know them. I had to paste irony, inspiration and passionalso because it will be a comic film that will make you laugh a lot,” comments the actress.

On set with her too daughter Jennifer Carolettiinterested in following in her mother’s footsteps.

The main theme of the plot is relationship with social networks. Tick ​​tock – a comedy that interweaves different events and reveals as many realities, starting with history four enterprising slackers who, in order to earn some money, decided kidnap Eva Hanger. A project that collapsed due to Covid and caused series of failures funny. “A group of synths, a kind of gang, True to the sad but true, pun “it’s all THEY that shine”. Advertising “Four days spent” I envy today’s superstarsespecially influential people attributing to them a princely life, consisting of limousines, private jets, champagne, giant villas and crowds of servants. Tired of collecting the crumbs of what they believe is just a golden world full of privileges, the four scoundrels discover that the star Eva Hanger will open an quest room (they have no idea what it is) in Terni. That’s why Zagayasupported by the others, although with some doubts, especially from the outside Bicycle Chefcomes a brilliant idea: to hide right in front of the entrance to the quest room and kidnap the diva, even his erotic dream foreverso ask ransom to its numerous sponsors“This is how the creator explains Fabio Stirlani.

The cast includes several well-known actors, including Maurizio Mattioli, Sergio Vastano, Umberto Smailaoutside Fausto Leali.

The film was shot in Terni at Papigno Studios, with production entrusted to Massimiliano Caroletti’s Anteprima Eventi Production and Management Srl. Afterpreview in Naples last May 26, the film comes out in theaters. It was Naples Film Festival introduce the film and host Henger and part of the cast, as well as provide prize To Massimiliano Caroletti for production.

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